Our Partners

Mnet Financial is a company that specializes in collecting self-pay receivables for healthcare providers exclusively. Whether the need is front-end payment solutions or back-end collection agency, Mnet Financial offers the complete package.

Since 2005, Mnet Financial has been providing services that help businesses improve their cash flow. Our clients are specifically found within the health care space and include small family owned medical offices, ambulatory surgery centers, management groups, as well as hospital systems. The system that we have in place helps companies recover the money that is owed to them which builds confidence in our process. Our clients entrust us with slow-pay and non-paying accounts and our record proves that we recover more money than our competitors while still protecting the important relationship between the patient and provider. Unlike most collection agencies, Mnet Financial is well known for their patient-friendly approach to resolving medical bills. With more than 600 health care clients nationwide, Mnet Financial is the clear choice for receivable solutions while ensuring patients are treated with the utmost in care. Mnet Financial supports many of the most respected health care organizations throughout the United States. Whether the organization is a small, locally owned business or an internationally recognized corporation; we ensure the utmost in client satisfaction.

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