Mnet Financial Partners with Amblitel to Create Remote Billing Solution for Surgery Centers

Mnet Financial, leading patient collection and payment solutions vendor for the surgical industry, has announced their partnership with Amblitel, industry leader known for increasing surgery center performance through strategic consultation, to offer a complete remote billing solution. This partnership has come about as a response to demand from the medical community for temporary billing assistance during the period of a software conversion or implementation of billing process changes.

Many management groups have been pleased to find that developing a centralized billing center can bring an increase in both patient and physician satisfaction while delivering an increase in financial remittances. “Recent trends in the ASC space indicate that leadership within the community continues to develop efficiency strategies to strengthen their business model by consolidating or changing their software and by centralizing or in some cases by de-centralizing corporate billing locations. One of our main concerns is to ensure steady cash flow during such a transitional period,” said Mnet Financial CEO David Hamilton.

“Having trusted partners who can remotely bill claims and collect patient balances is comforting to centers that are encountering changes,” addEd Hamilton. The unique aspect of this partnership is that this collaboration offers a high level of experience and skill in working with all of the major software options that are currently used by ambulatory surgery centers and outpatient hospitals throughout the country. In fact, Amblitel and Mnet Financial are not only familiar with billing software for surgery centers but also fully understand the benefits and advantages of each software option.

This partner solution gives surgery centers the freedom to make necessary changes to their billing process or software without the extra burden of a dip in cash flow or increase in the level of bad debt. Without these added burdens during a period of change, surgery centers will find they are able to operate smoothly and with stability and predictability.

Another noteworthy feature of this solution is that even while an ASC is in the midst of a transitional stage, all insurance claims, and deductibles can be billed as well as any outstanding accounts receivables. Mnet Financial and Amblitel also work diligently during this time to complete a financial assessment; then recoup any unpaid self-pay balances that might be due. Patient-friendly reminders, payment plans, coupon books, and auto-debit payment options are also extended to patients to facilitate patient obligations.

About Mnet Financial and Amblitel:

Mnet Financial provides collection services, payment solutions, and medical lien funding for the health care industry. Amblitel provides a single-source solution that allows ASC’s to gain greater control of their business by providing a world-class information technology platform and consulting services.

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